"I highly recommend Todd for all your transmission repairs! My car was stolen and Todd pulled the tranny on my roommate's Accord (which had a tranny issue) and accurately diagnosed a worn out 5th gear for FREE. Not only that, but he let me keep it at the shop for weeks while I unsuccessfully searched for a hard-to-find worn out 5th gear. Eventually I pulled one from a junkyard car, and Todd made sure everything else about the tranny was in order before reinstalling it. His knowledge and labor is top notch, not to mention polite and very reasonably priced. Good people. Thanks so much Todd! "


Noah Y

"High Country Transmission is by far and away the best auto shop I have ever been to! I took My GMC Terrain to another mechanic because it was making a terrible grinding noise, they ended up giving me an incorrect diagnosis so I was going to be without a car even longer. I called HCT and they said they could get the car in the same day to diagnose the problem and wouldn't charge me for it. They called me the next day to let me know the transfer case had gone out, which is a very expensive repair. I called around to get prices at other auto shops and HCT was hundreds of dollars less than anywhere else. They have been more than helpful in getting my car fixed and I cant thank them enough. I will without a doubt be taking my car (and future cars) to them for repairs from now on."


"These guys are stand up solid guys... took care of my big 4x4 van and were 100% honest in what was needed and the pricing was reasonable... they even took me home and picked me up in their company truck... first class service...thank you!!"


"I had taken my truck to the dealership because my check engine light came on.  The dealership proceeded to tell me that I needed a new transmission.  After the initial shock of the diagnosis and the $3900.00 price I was told, I called my father and he referred me to this place.  Lupe looked at it and told me exactly what I needed and it wasn't even close to what the dealership had said.  A new part and an adjustment and now it's running like new.  It's good to know there are still honest hard working mechanics out there. Thank you again"


Randy S.



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